What Is Energy?

So you've heard of energy work and now you're asking yourself, what is it? Energy is everything and is everywhere. In this class, we teach you to hone into the subtle difference in various vibrations. Think of it like this, have you ever walked into a room and could instantly tell that someone had just been fighting? You can literally feel the tension. What you are feeling are the vibrations from the commotion. Our bodies are designed to be extremely sensitive to what is going on around and within us. However, society has taught us to tune it out and to not acknowledge it. What if you could become more aware of not only other people's vibration but of your own? And not just the vibrations caused by commotion but also the positive ones? What if you could start to recognize when your body is speaking to you without having to be in pain? What if you could understand the patterns in your life? All of this is possible! This is what we teach in The Energy Connection.

All creatures in life, function and perform by utilizing energy movement and electrical charges throughout their bodies. Even down to the electrons in our cells, there is energy movement. In fact, everything in this universe is made up of energy, for energy can never be created or destroyed. It vital to understand this concept to open your mind to the fact that although we can’t always see the energy around us, we know that it is undeniably there; we just have to learn how to perceive it through touch, intuition, sight, and other various senses of the body.

The human body, believe it or not, is the most efficient electrical instrument in existence. Our body’s energy movement is vibrating at a speed of 186,300 miles per second. The rate at which it vibrates is called frequency. The frequency of our individual cells in our body resonates together to create their purpose in life and to function. The pathways that our energy current moves along in our bodies are called energy meridians.

The Energy Connection Course Description

This is a two day class, usually taught on a Friday and Saturday from 9:30-5:00 both days. Sue teaches primarily in Wellsville, Utah but is absolutely willing to travel to other locations to teach this class. She just needs a minimum of 12 students in the class. If you would like to be a host for her, just let her know.

Sue creates a very safe space for healing during this class. There will be hands-on demonstration and practicing, lectures, and classroom discussions. All catered towards learning how to recognize, release, and understand your body's energy communication language.

Something to note: You do not have to be a We Do Feet Student to take this class. It is open to everyone! No experience needed since Sue will teach you everything you will need to create a solid foundation for energy correction.

Benefits include but are not limited to: Personal healing, improved relationships, being able to let go of past hurt and heartache, better communication, having a new trade that you can monetize and help others with, and so much more.

Class Prices:

This class costs $275 and comes with a textbook. To register, you will need to place a $35 non-refundable deposit at registration (click the button below to register)

  • If you have already taken this class and would like to return and audit, the price is $50.

  • You are welcome to buy a new textbook as long as you have taken The Energy Connection before. The cost is $35 plus $6.50 if shipping is needed. Contact Sue to place your order.

Current Class Locations, Dates, and Times:

  • Lehi, Utah April 12th and 13th, 2024 (Space is limited)

  • Kaysville, Utah April 26th and 27th, 2024

Deposits are due 2 weeks before class to save your seat and order your books. Thanks!

Upon registration, please message Sue for further details.

(435) 764-2717

  1. How To Register For Class:

  1. Verify your class location with the information above. You will need this during the registration process.

  2. Complete non-refundable deposit payment of $35 by using our secure order process.

  3. A form will auto generate, please fill out your information for our records.

  4. Receive a text message from our school's admin. assistant within 1-3 business days verifying your registration.

  5. Watch for a message from Susan prior to class for address details and lunch plans.

  6. Pay remaining balance of $240 directly to Susan.

  7. Attend class and have a life changing experience.

The Energy Connection Registration and Deposit
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Get to Know Susan Noall:

Susan was first exposed to energy work through Foot Zone Therapy back in 2000. The creation of The Energy Connection was through years of studying, asking questions, meditation, and experience.

Sue's personality is bright and bubbly. She is a very positive and optimistic women, who loves her life. She is passionate about Christianity, her LDS faith, and loving people. Overall, her goal in life is to leave the world a little more bright by adding love and light to all who she meets. Family is very important to her. She has 5 grown children, who have babies of their own now. And a loving husband of 37 years. Together, Sue and Brad built an amazing Foot Zone Therapy Program that has produced over 4000 top quality foot zoners. This energy course is not required of our students but is highly recommended.

Do you have any questions for her? If you do, feel free to text her at 435-764-2717. Or better yet, come to the class! There is so much to learn!

Office: Wellsville, Utah

Call (435) 764-2717